BWI Parking – Some Endless Parking Opportunities


BWI parking space, so far, is one of the best of the many sized airports of the same size we have seen across the country. This is not to be surprised, given that in 2010 the International Airport of Marshall (BWI) was ranked at the International Council Airport as the best airport of its size (15-25 million passengers served in one year) in the world.
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19659002] If you are flying from BWI Marshall and looking for a good BWI parking space, you should definitely think about staying in one of the airport parking spaces. We are getting ahead of ourselves here, let's look closely at the various options available at BWI Airport Parking.

Hours of parking

Hourly parking rate is relatively lower at $ 4 per hour (maximum $ 22 per day) compared to those in Dulles or Philadelphia International, for example.
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For this price, it is also the most suitable one, located right in front of the main airport terminal. However, if you are looking for parking beyond 2 hours, this is not a free option. Again, the BWI parking rate for daily parking ($ 12 a day) is lower than at other nearby airports, such as Washington Reagan ($ 20 per day). If you are traveling for a few days, staying in the internal BWI garage is a good option. is slightly less than their daily parking rate.
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I think that's because outdoor parking is located a little further than the day parking garage. In my opinion, however, this service, where an express flagship directs you directly to park your vehicle and takes you to the terminal, pulls you to the terminal when you return and direct you directly to your vehicle, is the winner. If you are looking for a business trip or vacation for 7 days or more and trying to find a parking place that will not burn a hole in your pocket when you get back, the long-term parking option of the BWI Airport is the way to go. flights
The rate is only $ 8 a day and many are serviced by scheduled buses planned.

There are a lot of private garages outside the airport and many at the disposal of BWI passengers, like EconoPark Express on Ridge Road and the "Fly Fly Many" along the Meade Road Camp. These sites offer long-term parking rates ranging from $ 9 to $ 10 per day and are served by their ship's vehicles. These are often driven by large companies operating with dozens of other similar facilities across the country, they are a good option for long-term parking.
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So why am I recommending parking owned by the BWI Airport? The obvious answer, of course, is in the norms. It is cheaper to park in the long-term park of the BWI airport than at any location outside the airport – something that has not been heard in most other airports. BWI offers additional things like helping the car keys, dead battery cables, flat tire assistance, sensors in every parking bay – all add an extraordinary value to their parking service

Bearing wanted the ideal BWI parking? Now, you know where are the best ones.


Source by Emmanuel Gonot