Black lives really – all things live – Our challenges with police and race relationships


One of the leaders of Black Life commented that we need more policing in the community to solve this problem of racism and racial profiling that leads to unfair treatment of blacks by police officers. Of course, that makes sense, but can it really solve the problem? In the past has cleansed the crime, but has also led to the capture of more criminals and hence a larger jail and prison population. However, there has been little research on this topic and I want to emphasize a very clever book to read on this subject, the book is:
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“From War on Poverty in the Fight against Crime” by Elizabeth Hinton, Harvard University Press, Boston MA, 464 pages, May 2016, 978-0674737235. By the way that there is a wonderful YouTube Video with the author made by the CSPAN TV Review Program, I definitely recommend it and then read the book after viewing it.
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In this book, Elizabeth Hinton reminds us of the romantic notion of police living in the district, the community they are policing. We all believe this is a clever policy, but rarely used in our modern American society – why? If it works, why not do this? The fact is; in many cities across the United States we are already.
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Indeed, the city of Baltimore has, and yet, they still had a big problem there with the shooting of a black man while fleeing from the police. This recommended community policing book and philosophy is also straightforward with regard to Dallas shooting and boiling pots on race relations – robotics police – arms control – Black Lives Matter protests.
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The question remains; if community policing is the key, then why should there be a top federal government guide and federal government intervention whenever one claims that a shooting was basically grounded and without any reason. If we have a police in the community, should not the community it takes to decide, not the media or the federal government?
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Yes, of course, I offer more questions than solutions, but these are the toughest questions we should put before allowing the administration or the media to shed light on events beyond the proportions that cause more protests, leading to more turmoil, more vandalism, more shots, and more racial tension in this great nation. I ask you to consider all of this and think about it.